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Coconut Juice is the concentrated coconut water which can be used as juice base for beverage when mixed with the other fruit flavors.

Coconut Juice can be carbonated or non-carbonated or can be mixed with other fruits juices to make it more lucrative for drinking.

Coconut Juice could possibly be the utmost energy drink around the world, and to topmost it off, its pure natural. Coconut Juice has more potassium than the preponderance of energy drinks. The chloride it grips is at 118g, and it's natural sugars range to about 5mg.

Coconut Juice is the liquid inside an undeveloped green coconut and it is finest to drink when it is of age more than five months as the Coconut Juice will have a vicious tinge if used up earlier. This juice is one of the nature's most revitalizing drinks, used up worldwide for its nourishing and health-promoting assets.

Asia Coco, Ltd do have the canned juices and in aseptic.

Asia Coco’s Coconut Juice has below advantages