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Coconut Cream Powder, Milky Coconut Cream Powder.

Coconut Cream Powder is made of natural coconut milk with no preservers and contamination of sulfur dioxide, via modern production technology with mechanized packing. Appropriately keeping in room temperature provides modern housewife and consumer’s easy way for food preparation. Just mix the Coconut Cream Powder with warm water in required proportion.

Coconut Cream Powder is a free elegant powder and is promptly soluble in water. When re-formed with water, it directly becomes coconut milk.

Coconut Cream Powder is made out of 100% natural garden-fresh elements and is hygienically prepared.

Coconut Cream Powder Available Size

  • 1x20 kg. (No Brand)
  • 12x1 kg. (Yearra Brand)
  • 12x300 g. (Yearra Brand)
  • 24x150 g. (Yearra Brand)
  • 10x10x75 g. (Yearra Brand)
  • 10x10x50 g. (Yearra Brand)