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Asia Coco., Ltd. is a recognized Thai instant food, fine snacks, and dried fruits producer under Asia Grains Group trademark. Asia Coco’s products are of great quality and finely produced for wonderful taste to come across consumers' requirements. The Coconut Chips are vacuum packed in flat Thai design and high rank food packing for hygienic guarantee which can retain the products Crispy and fresh up to 1 year shelf life. We have tough devotion and awareness that only good and high worth products will be accepted for our customers.

Try this natural-tasted coconut chips and it will surely be your favorite snack. Free from artificial color and flavor, this coconut chips deliver the original savor of real coconut. The high-grade vacuum packing guarantees the freshness and crispness of food. The product is ‘GMP’ and‘ Halal’ certified, ensuring up-to standard food safety.