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About Us

Coconut seems to have a special place in everyone’s hearts. Depending on the consumption habits people has derived many products from coconut. For some who abstain from dairy totally, a coconut product makes a great replacement for butters and creams. Others see the proof from South Pacific traditional groups who thrived on a diet of fish and coconut, and want a little bit of that in their lives.

Asia COCO Ltd was established under the umbrella of Asia Grains and Globe Gates Inc. in 1998, developed and launched Coconut drinks and coconut products to serve the market. Besides, serving the regular customers Asia COCO has also build a base of Industrial users by offering them the coconut cream powder, coconut milk and virgin coconut oil in bulk for further production of their finished products like food industry (either packed or ready to eat items), cosmetics industry and others.

Our Mission

Asia COCO’s focuses on providing Quality coconut products worldwide. Our goal is to produce fresh and healthy coconut products for our customers. We struggle to supply a highest level of services that surpasses the hopes of our clients / customers.