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Coconut Cream - Canned, Aseptic, or Frozen.

Coconut Cream is a sweet product, milky white cooking base derivative from the core of a developed coconut. The rich taste and color of the milk can be attributed to the sugar and high oil content. It is removed from the annoyed flesh of the mature coconut.

Coconut Cream is related to coconut-milk but it contains less water. The only change in Coconut Cream is the consistency. It has more paste-like consistency, thicker, while coconut milk is usually a liquid.

Coconut Cream is the source from the coconut-meat joint with natural stabilizer and processed to reserve the natural flavor and freshness of a fresh squeezed coconut milk. The production technology provides excellent flavor.

This product is finest used in cold drink, beverages and other liquid uses as it allow an even more suitable processing by removing the need to disband a powdered product before use. Food preparation and cooking with Coconut Cream is really made easy and quick by just opening the can and pouring the product into the preparation. It is a Non GMO element and is available in dairy free, stabilizer free, and sweetened variants to satisfy the likings of consumer/customer.

Coconut Cream is available either in tin cans with net weight of 400-ml, in aseptic bags, or as "frozen coconut cream".

Coconut Cream Advantages